Mechanical Memories, Brighton

Closing down sale

As some of you will know, it had been my intention to close down my Mechanical Memories Old Penny Arcade in Brighton toward the end of September this year. However, as things haven't quite gone to plan (for anyone I suspect, in some form or another) I have now closed down and am selling most of my machines.


The original plan was for anyone interested in buying machines to come down to Brighton any weekend during the summer (when I would be open), play the machines, leave a deposit on anything of interest and collect in September. But of course, that's all changed. So I've hijacked this site and am using it as a means to display what's available - and there is a lot!


There's more than just machines - practically everything in the arcade is for sale, including machine stands, projects, lots of nice panelling, signs, workshop equipment, engineering materials etc. Plus thousands of old pennies! Anyone interested in buying will need to contact me and we'll arrange to meet at the arcade - I shall be there at least once a week for the next month or so - probably more frequently later in the year, but by then hopefully much of it will be gone!


All sensible offers accepted. Everything will be cash on collection - no couriers, so please don't ask.