Mechanical Memories, Brighton

Closing down sale

Various workshop equipment,

engineering materials etc.

BR45 BR47 BR27 BR26 BR50 BR51

Heavy duty workishop barrow, ideal for working on heavy machines, such as bandits, that need to be moved around. Table size approx. 2ft x 2ft 6ins.

Heavy duty workishop stand, originally used for a fly press, although frankly a bit high. I've used it with a chop saw.

Various sack barrows, flat barrows, trollies etc.

Large 16 speed bench drill, in very good condition. 1/2 HP motor, No. 2 morse taper. Complete with 5/8" chuck, drift, chuck guard.

Loads of sheet aluminium, various sizes and gauges, from 22 SWG up to 3mm. Also some stainless and mild steel.

Aluminium extrusion, flat, angle, tee etc. Plus brass and steel bar.