Spring Auction, Sunday 22nd March 2020

We're making a few changes to the format this year, which will give far more choice for everyone. The auction will be restricted to larger value items eg machines, arcade signs etc. but a few regular vendors will be putting together a huge range of goodies that will be available for sale during the viewing time. Items for sale will include spares, coins, books etc. so we will be able to make far more available than we could ever include in the auction.

We are now accepting entries - suitable items will include:


Vintage coin-op machines

Projects, part machines, mechanisms etc.

Arcade signs, fairground art and memorabilia etc.

Old advertising

Collections of spares

Collections of magazines

Rare or hard to find books


We shall not be accepting individual spares,

coins, general odds & ends etc.

Cov. S20 001

We already have a few early entries, including this splendid

Bryans 'String Cutter' magic machine......

Cov. S20 003

......and this stunning Laughing Clown fairground game, fully restored and motorised. In full working order, complete with music (whilst the clown's head turns, it plays 'Entry of the Gladiators'.