Mechanical Memories, Brighton

Closing down sale

Spring Auction, Sunday 22nd March 2020

We're making a few changes to the format this year, which will give far more choice for everyone. We want to filter-out some of the items usually included, which don't really need to be in an auction: Items such as coins and easy to find books. However, a few regular vendors will be putting together a huge range of goodies that will be available for sale during the viewing time. Items for sale will include spares, coins, books etc. This way, we should be able to make far more available than we could ever include in the auction.


Vintage coin-op machines

Projects, part machines, mechanisms etc.

Arcade signs, fairground art and memorabilia etc.

Machine spares

Old advertising

Collections of magazines

Rare or hard to find books


Cov. S20 001 Cov. S20 003 Cov. S20 050

We are no longer accepting entries.

Click on the link below to view everything listed so far.

The full catalogue will be available to view soon.

A PDF text only catalogue will also be available to download.


Well, this isn't the news I was hoping to be posting. Over the last week or so, I've had growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and the effect it might have on our auction. However, from limited feedback I've had from both vendors and buyers, I have been reasonably confident that we'd be able to put on a good show and a great day would be had by all. Even this morning, I was still hopeful that everything would go to plan.


However, having seen Boris Johnson's announcement on the six o'clock news this evening, regarding staying away from pubs, clubs and other such venues, I think the situation has now changed. Even within the last couple of hours, two of our vendors has asked whether the event would be going ahead, as they were a little nervous about attending


So reluctantly, I think the only sensible course of action is to cancel the event. I know this will be a huge disappointment to many of you (me included), although I'm sure it will also come as something of a relief to some, who may have been in two minds whether or not to attend. This I fully understand.


It would be nice to be able to postpone the event, perhaps with a provisional date in the next month or two, but I think we all understand that the current situation is certain to last many months - it's likely that it could even continue till the end of the year. I am of course hopeful that we will be able to go ahead with our annual November auction, but at present think it unwise to consider even a provisional date.


I hope you will all be understanding of the situation - cancelling would certainly not be my preferred option! - especially so late in the day, but I do think it is the sensible thing to do.


Hopefully see you all in November